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MAA Laxmi blessings recieved

Hey Masters,

Today morning I woke up late and had to rush to my work place and dint did my MAA LAXMI PUJA as, I do it peacefully. I was a bit disappointed on the way to office. I prayed to VK to send MAA LAXMI my love and seek for forgivess. I did this for almostly 5 minutes. Next moment I saw a huge hoarding of MAA LAXMI on my way to office and in the entire day till i returned home, I saw almost MAA LAXMI 15 times and yes I had used BOOST method for 5 minutes and all this miracles went on repeating. Looks like there was a good signal from the MAA LAXMI herself.

:astonished: I am still trying to understand how it happened :astonished:


  • @Shrinath
    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. It happens as VK has cosmic energies and conveys our feelings to the Universe to the deities and to anyone with no barrier.
    You wholeheartedly conveyed your feelings and what i instantly felt is that seeing Maa Laxmi immediately is probably a message that Maa is with you even if you dont follow the daily ritual . With just one call/prayer of yours to her with love and humbleness, and she still bestows her love to you multifold. Seeing her multiple times is another msg that she is with you everytime , just need to feel her.
    Its a wonderful experience to pray to any deity with VK.
  • Wonderful experience...thanks for sharing...I could not understand the BOOST method
    ..I will be thankful if it is explained
  • If you have more than one VK you can create energy for same healing more than that created by individual VKs

    Read here more
  • Nice experience.
    Golden Sunrise to your life and experiences
  • Golden sunrise..wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing..thank you shart sir.thank you vk
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