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Protect your self with Boss / Any one Question with a SHIELD using VK.

edited February 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Golden Sunrise.

I have tried lots of time in meetings with my boss or with my manager, I say to VK kindly please send "Sheild of Seven Ray" to that questions which i can not answer and satisfy properly so by the grace of GOD and with the help of VK i am safe always.

I have tried this same with if people are fighting and any depression person who is shouting unnecessary too much. I request VK to send "Sheild of Seven Ray" + "Calm Down Serum" to there shouting and getting amazing results.

Golden Sunrise.


  • Wonderful experiences. Golden Sunrise to your helping nature.

  • Nice experience good use of Shield of Seven Rays.
    Thankyou for sharing
  • Same i am using if i am expecting call from Boss or any person that i don't want to attend so i simply request Dear VK please send Shield of Seven Rays to phone call from Boss or particular person.

    I am getting 100% results. Once or twice after requesting So7R also i received a call from same person but that call was very helpful for me. Then i realize that VK will work for what is best for Us not only we are requesting. There will a positive reason behind.

    Golden Sunrise.

  • Even I use this SO7R whenever my HOD calls me and as expected meeting goes smooth.
    Thank you VK. Golden Sunrise!

  • Thankyou for sharing your VK experience.
  • Thank you very much but One clarity needed - SO7R I thought should be given one self...why giving SO7R to the QUESTION which we cannot answer in meetings?.

    I thought one should say SO7R to me FROM THAT QUESTION I cannot answer...

    Please clarify so that I use the serum properly. Thank you
  • @RituAgarwal

    In intention it is for self.
  • Today my wife was supposed to receive a call from her Senior Manager and she was very afraid as the call was for not reaching the sales target. So I requested dear VK to send SO7R and Calm down serum to her boss and it worked wonderfully..She didn't receive any call, her immediate boss received the call and the firing too. Thanks to dear VK for being a saviour.
  • @PriyoGoldenSunrise

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your 1st VK experience with us.
  • Yes..Golden Sunrise!!
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