MY Way of using Mulitple VKs for healing

My way of Healing with Multiple VKs

I use a different method of doing healing with Multiple VKs (in Some cases).

I have seen variations in results for cases
1. which Have Huge Blockages
2. Which Does not have much blockages.

I think knowing about the Above Point if you are trying to manifest some
thing in your life will help.

Case 1 -- If you have been trying to heal something with Boost Method,
But the results are not sufficient (I have used 2 VKs). Then You
Can follow what I have tried.

      VK1 -- GS GS GS MMM MMM MMM to <heal 123...> 
      VK2 -- GS GS GS ACS ACS ACS to clear and neutralise any 
             Blockages in <healing 123...>

      Its like you are Building an old road, digging it up , 
      Clearing the debris and then creating the NEW ROAD. 

Case 2 -- As Sharat Sir has already explained in the VK BOOST Method.
It Works Wonders.

Now the question is how to Know which Case is yours. Well You have DIVINE VK For that. Just Ask for clues or Symbols. I remember reading an Article on That. here is the link for that Article


  • Both the healings are done Simultaneously.
  • @GOLDEN_Ashish
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Another way to use BOOST method in above example can be like this

    Request one VK1 GS GS GS ACS ACS ACS to clear and neutralise any
    Blockages in healing 123.

    Request VK2 Please BOOST VK1 healing

    After 30 min

    Request VK 1 GS GS GS MMM MMM MMM to heal 123
    Request VK2 Please BOOST VK1 healing

    In this way you can create more energy to clear blockages first and then again create more energy to heal using BOOST .

    In your way its most probably the effect of particular sequence that you chose to heal a situation rather than BOOST vs NO BOOST method.

    Requesting ACS first and then sending other energies.

    Keep sharing your ideas and experiences.
  • Thank You Rakhiji for your Inputs.

    I was using Boost method for some healing , but I was Feeling some negative vibes as I started to heal with DIVINE VKs.

    Then I Felt the need of clearing and healing at the same time.

    VK1 - heals
    Vk2 - Clears

    Both VKs do healing at the same time.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you .

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