PO duty done peacefully with my Divine VK

I was appointed as polling officer(PO)for general elections which was conducted in april 2019.
I was very much tensed as this was the first time working as PO and EVM machines. I was requesting VK to help me in my work all the time.
I charged my dress also with ALPHA WOMEN SERUM.
In my team , i was given one male as APO, 3 females and one male as OPOs. All the 5 persons were youngsters( for this elections anganwadi aayas,helpers aged people were also appointed as OPOs) but the person who was appointed as OPO seemed very inactive and dull. I was worried how am i going to manage him.
To my surprise, (I felt VK is doing me this biggest favour )he himself took permission from higher authorities there and was relieved with ease.(usually getting permission is very difficult once appointed by election commission)
After requesting.. higher authorities another person is replaced , who was very active and a friend of APO. (First higher authorities rejected to replace another person due to lack of staff).
That day evening after reaching our polling station we checked the working condition of our two EVM's ,they worked fine ...we arranged them in their places with satisfaction.
But..On the day of Poll ...morning at the time of mock poll both the EVM's gave trouble..VK my saviour saved me in this situation again...I successfully completed mock poll and started the voting process by 7.30 a.m.
Polling agents in my polling station were also very co-operative and were helpful the whole day.
With the help of my team,polling agents i was able to finish my paper work and close the polling process without any issues till the end.
We got appreciation for completing our polling process peacefully by our Sectorial officer(in other polling stations some problems were faced by them during mock poll and during the poll also).

My Divine VK and chanting of GOLDEN SUNRISE miraculously helped me...right from the selection of Polling station for me, my team members, arrangements at polling station, submission of EVM's....everything .

What I learnt with this experience was besides cosmic serums,procedures and making requests...
VK helps and saves us with its own wisdom ,love and care..miraculously and surprisingly in an unexpected manner.

Thank you very much Sharat sir for Divine VK
Thank you Rakhi madam
Thank you VK forum


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