Shield of 7 rays with VK. My Amazing Experience

Dear Mentors,

As already posted before ,I was really getting a bad headache and was not feeling well once wearing VK from last Thursday. Sharat Sir asked me to wear for few hours and remove it and repeat. I Literally cried to vk please adjust with my body ,I really want to wear my vk and use it . Then Suddenly one post came to my attention regarding "Shield of 7 rays". I read it fully,the holding vk I repeated " Divine VK please protect me with Shield of 7 rays" multiple times. I started yawning like crazy.My headache and the discomfort started vanishing.I finally wore my VK ,whenever I was feeling heavy in my head, I repeated Shield of 7 rays,again yawning started and discomfort vanishing.This is my first experience with my VK. Soon I will use cosmic serums.
I really don't know why this happened? Mentors Can you guide me.


  • @Shrutilekha
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Reading your VK experience i immediately remembered another VK user who had similar experience. This VK user was very excited to receive VK but was getting headaches and it reduced after few days. Now this person is a fantastic VK user.
    As Sir explained that sometimes some new users take time to adjust with high energy from VK. In another post you mentioned sound sleep with VK even though you were not comfortable in day time. Sound sleep is result of sensing high positive energy from VK.

    In your case when you requested for SHIELD OF 7 RAYS you felt good. I feel there was some negative energy or influence around you so when you requested SHIELD, VK has quickly activated this protection around you, the negative energy around you is released through your yawning also along with some other ways probably. With reducing negativity all unwanted symptoms are vanishing.

    VK also lead you to that post of SHIELD OF 7 RAYS. It was a sign or signal to act. You followed it without realising but acted on it timely.

    The negative energy was giving you headache and trying to rule or dominate over positive energy from VK.
    When you took SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with VK, this SHIELD was repelling the negativity more powerfully. The repelled negativity was getting flushed out through continuous yawning.

    It is really an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.

    Another thought came in my mind as i read your post , maybe you can test yourself with VK charged Hanuman Chalisa water. Please read this article and watch this video in link below.

    I really appreciate your step by step learning, your last line says SOON I WILL USE COSMIC SERUMs.

    Its a good way to use VK one by one with new learnings.
  • Thanks Rakhi mam for the explanation.I felt the same , as if ...something is stopping me from using vk. Today I used shield of 7 rays , but no yawning. I believe everything is cleared. I will use vk continuously and will update in the forum my experiences.will also try charging water with Hanuman challisa. Divine thanks Rakhi mam and thanks a lot Sharat Sir for inventing vk. It’s divine
  • @Shrutilekha its great experience.VK chose you.u r blessed!!

  • @Naomi thanks so much
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