Mimicking cold compress with dfev serum ., And mimicking nebulisation

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My son had high fever and it will take some time for medicine to act to get fever down , first episode i was worried i was just giving dfev serum along with other serum , then suddenly it struck to me that when i was reading about dfev serum article mimicking with cold compress was mentioned , so then i started giving energy of cold compress and dfev serum , fever would immediately come down . Thank you Sharat sir ????
The 2nd mimicking
Doctor had advised to give nebulisation using combination of medicine , first night he had terrible cough i gave him nebulisation and he slept peacefully , the second day he was fine and skipped nebulisation but at night he started coughing badly again , even with serums it was not giving relief , then i thought of nebulisation but when i checked of the combination only 1 medicine was there and the second 1 was not there , then i thought i will mimick this and i mimicked the energy of nebulisation with the medicine combination with safety and security , and viola !!!! Magic !!!! My son stopped coughing and slept peacefully. That night i felt so happy , i felt so grateful to God that i came to know about sharat sir . We are v.grateful to you sharat sir for bringing VK in our lives .


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