Digestion problem & gastric pain in left shoulder.

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It is my privilege that vk has chosen me, gratitude to respected sharat sir & rakhi madam.

I am facing fatty liver problem with lot of acidity & gastric problem. In present I am drinking vk charged water with GS, Digee serum, balance serum, calm down serum, phs .

Is I am doing right or not, I have doubt because I am not getting a desired effect.

Please guide me.


  • @rakesh2015
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Your stated combination is good.
    Please check in VK Tip 27, how you should drink water wrt frequency and timings.

    Maybe your shoulder pain is also related to gastric trouble.

    You can also use PAIN CARE SERUM for shoulder and request EFT to your shoulders with VK.
  • Thanks madam ji.
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