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Gym serum booster with pain killer,12 Yummy pizzas in 27 min, my VK charm in cooking contest

edited January 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES

Hey friends,
This is my experience yesterday evening as I was invited in one of the cooking contests by a friend who was participating and it was about Chikki making. By the time I reached there and my friend finished the contest it was 22.15 and he was able to make 10 pizzas in 30 minutes. Then i was told to make the same in less time and all i did was got up and prayed my first VK to give me energy of Gym serum and energy of bruffen pain killer with safety and security for my calf muscle pains. Asked the second VK to boost the energies of VK.

It worked like charm i finished in 27 minutes and i prepared 12 pizzas and boy it was running on toes as i had competition from 4 more guys and 2 were seasoned chefs :)

Finally all congratulated me as pizza were tasty and crunchy and good cheesy.

Point to note i was energised way beyond the contest timing till 00:30 hrs with the boost.


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