Vibbes Seeder at my home, VK manifested with my intentions

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Golden Sunrise
Today I want to share one of the most successful story with my VK. Since the day Sharath Sir posted about Vibes Seeder, I just knew that I must have this one at my shop no matter what. Unfortunately one or the other thing used to come across and push the thought away from manifesting it.
I recently met Sharath sir and Ma'am, we were discussing about VK and it's stories. I told sir that don't know why but my intention of having Vibes Seeder is not getting manifested. Then Sir told me instead of asking VK to get VS for your shop ask it to get it for your home first. And that's it, today I just placed order for VS :)
How situations favoured me to get VS is all due to VK. I have realised one thing if certain intentions are not getting manifested might be we are not asking it in a right way. Even after changing the way of putting intention doesn't manifest then something amazing is awaiting.
Divine Gratitude!


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