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My Success with 2nd Level of VK healing

edited December 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise Friends
Want to share one of my experience , First want to say Thanks to Sharat Sir for teaching 2nd Level Healing with VK .
Last sunday I was invited as a Speaker to talk on a particular topic , though i was confident with content but still wanted it to be best .So i used this new healing technique as always wanted to practice first on my self and purpose of this particular healing helps to work on our future its like going in future timeline and create and manifest the way we want our life to be.When i first heard about it my child like curiousity was high. But actually performing and getting result was BANG ON . I did this twice only for my event. 2nd time when i did was exactly 2 hour prior while going to event and what all i planned in it , it actually happened almost 90-95%. Next day when i thought about it and realized what i missed in my healing , missed in reality too...WWOOOWW cant believe myself , how it all worked .
Now such an amazing way to work on our future . Sharat Sir has given us an oppotunity to become our own creator .Not only in imagination or just visualising but empowered by cosmic energies making it more powerful and reality too within short span of life.


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