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Duaghter got hurt .

Golden sunrise,
My duaghter got hurt near her eye today.The cut is very deep but she has lot of pain.Please can I know serum I could use to heal her physical wound.Thanks


  • @Lovesaras
    Pl use PAIN CARE SERUM BEAUTY SERUM and IMMUNE SERUM. You can also add BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY for her mental healing in above combo.
    Take care.

    You may even rotate VK over the wound with GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting. OR imagine her affected area on your one palm and rotate VK over it holding in other hand with chants of GOLDEN SUNRISE and PAIN CARE SERUM for quick relief.

    While healing keep the intention of healthy skin , body
    her happiness and wellbeing
  • Thankyou..will do as adviced..and update
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