How to surrender to divine for new job

Hello Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy

I am trying to manifest good job opportunity for long term in banking domain from 3 months now.
I am taking regularly All clear Serum, balance serum,total wealth serum,alpha women serum,beauty Serum,SO7R in combination.
Sending love serum,So7R and golden sunrise to job and interview.
Also many direct request to get offer letter.
But I have missed many opportunities in very last rounds and one very good opportunity is on hold.
Sometimes I feel depressed. Not getting what to do next.
I wanted to know how to surrender to divine completely to get results.
Thank you in advance.


  • @Nwanjale

    Maybe you need to check your intentions to VK. Must read this beautiful article by Sharat Sir

    How Intention is Important in Manifestation through VK (VIBBES KADA)

  • Golden Sunrise!!!
    I tried focusing on one company with desire intention considering work, travelling and package and all. But nothing seems to worked for me.
    Then I tired asking for sign like show me yellow creta car if this company is good for me or else red creta car in 24 hours.
    I didn't see either.
    I am really want things to work for me like shower of blessings.
    Please advise something.
    Thank you.
    Thank you litairian team for love and support.
    Thank you Sharat Sir for divine VK, cosmic serums and it's wonderful mimicking feature which is helping tons of peoples.
    Golden Sunrise...
  • @Nwanjale

    When you ask sign yes or no , please ask only for one sign at a time. If you asked for yellow car for a Yes answer then no need to ask red car for no.
    If you really wish to surrender your desire outcome to Divine VK, then do not focus on one company, just request VK whatever is deserving and prospering for you , allow VK to make way for you.
    Sometimes people focus only on one opportunity and get emotionally stuck with that opportunity. Maybe something better is there for them or maybe the same opportunity is good for them but at a later time.
    Not getting that opportunity creates sadness and anxiety and probably delays the results.
    Ask like a child to VK, request and allow it to bring it to you.

    I do not know how you worded your sign request. This could be also that that company is neither good nor bad. Some things are neutral also when it comes to job.
  • Golden Sunrise
    Thank you for your reply
    I feel I am attached to result so I should take small pause here.
    Later will asked for best deserving one as per your suggestion.
    Thank you!
  • Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy

    Last week all of sudden I got message and call from Manager regarding job opportunity I was praying for. I felt it is blessings from divine only. Becoz I have stop asking for it. I am happy and trust the timing of universe now.
    I will post another post as success story soon once I get the offer letter.
    Thank you VK for coming into my life.
    Thank you Sharat Sir for designing VK in unique way for its Mimicking features, Comics serums.
    Thank you all and teachers for posting happy success stories on forum.
    Thank you...
  • Good luck to you @Nwanjale
  • @Nwanjale
    May you receive the best. GOLDEN SUNRISE to you

  • @Naomi @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Ma'am
    Thank you for your best wishes :smile:
    Shower of blessings for all...
    Golden Sunrise Rainbow Joy
    Thank you
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