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I'm new user of vk , relationship and job

Dear sir I m using this vk from last 2 days i don't know how to use it at the same time I'm in worry about my marriage..i m in love with a girl n i spoke to my family about this n my family is ready to accept her but her parents are not agreeing so how should i request to Vk to solve this issue at the same time I'm jobless from last 2 months how can solve this problem as well please kindly help me to get the solution by using vk

Thank you


  • @AmazingC

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Welcome to healing world with VK.

    As you have just received VK please first learn Basic procedures of VK.

    Give yourself time to read and practise the basics.

    This is a msg from Sharat Sir

    *Life starts with ZERO, isnt it? So now start using VK with this POST 0⃣ on litairian Forum*


    This post is especially for those VK users

    1. Who want to explore Infinite Possibilities with VK.
    Then do check all hyperlinks in this post.

    2. Who are new, received VK for the first time. Welcome to School of VK.
    Please read every word and every hyperlink slowly and understand.

    3. Who have good and not good VK experiences, and you have more questions on VK basic procedures. Check every post on this link with new enthusiasm.

    4. Whoever has VK

    ☀ *And after reading this link, if you still have questions on VK procedures. Dont worry, Again read this post ZERO on litairian forum without hesitation. Watch videos again*. ????

    ☀ There is an *index to BASICS OF VK and to list of COSMIC SERUMs* with hyperlinks for your easy reference.

    *Dont shy away to read this whole post if you are passionate about VK*.

    ENJOY learning. GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to your learning skills
  • @AmazingC

    This is your personal issue, but logically if you think any girl's parents may not agree to marry her with a groom who is not having job.

    So prioritise your VK healing. Read the link in above comment. Under the basic procedures of VK. Read some VK tips and Success Stories.

    You will get many ideas on healing.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts

  • Dear madam

    Thank you so much for your suggestions madam..madam which serum is perfect for Me to solve all above problems

    Thanks and Regards
    Amazing C
  • @AmazingC

    As a new user you must explore the link above. Also use SEARCH option on litairian website and come up with your answers. You will learn better if you read about cosmic Serums. May be you will get more ideas.

  • Dear sir or madam

    Golden sunrise

    I m happy to say you that I got good job in a good company.. Gratitude to vk for the job..gratitude to sharat sir and rakhi ji..But still I'm struggling with my relationship with a girl that I love she is getting engaged with some one by there family members..who are forcing her.. who are not a tall willing to respect our relationship..which serum I need to use for this to get her in my life..

    Thanks and Regards
  • @AmazingC
    GOLDEN SUNRISE and Congratulations for your new job. Thank you for sharing your happiness.

    Regarding your relationship, please request VK in your own words, VK GOLDEN SUNRISE if the girl and you, both are best deserving partners for each other in marriage, please MAKE WAY FOR YOUR MARRIAGE WITH HER NOW.

    You can also send her SHIELD OF 7 RAYS with the intention that she is able to make best decision for her marriage with ease.

  • Dear Madam

    Golden sunrise

    Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions I will follow it madam
    Once again grateful to your suggestion..Gratitude to you madam

    Thanks and Regards

  • @AmazingC golden sunrise.I wish you the best with your relationship.

  • Golden sunrise Thank you so much Naomi ji..Gratitude to you ji ????????????
  • Golden sunrise Thank you so much Naomi ji..????????
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