When things get stuck in Life

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Hello Teachers


I need your help and guidance for the things going on in my life.

Major areas of life  have got stuck or not moving forward.

We have signed a JV with a builder to construct at our property. The agreement was signed in the month of January - 2019 and till now the project has not yet started. The Bhoomi Poojan is getting postponed. First it was suppose to happen on Ganesh Chaturthi, then got postponed to Dusshera and then to Diwali. Diwali is near and still no sign of Bhoomi Poojan. All we get to hear from the builder is, we are in process of procuring documents and we will start soon. People want to pre-book flats but the project has not yet started.

I have found an investor for my online restaurant  venture but again things there also are not moving forward. The project was suppose to start from 15 September but till now it hasn't started. We are not getting any final confirmation from the investor/s. He was suppose to provide us place and initial capital. He said we are looking at a new place and once confirmed I will let you know. He is now not answering the calls and not responding to the messages.

Recently, I have applied for Personal Loan all the verification is done and still didn't get any confirmation on the disbursal. The agent through which this is being handled has become cold. Not answering the phone call and not responding to the messages.

My brother had come down to Pune to renew his driving license. It takes 2-3 days for the renewal but it's been now close to 2 months he hasn't got his driving license. He is in the business of transport and needs license. The agent is wasting time and giving false commitments.

A Girl with whom I intend to marry has also suddenly gone cold, not answering calls and messages.

I am planning to start one more business but things are not moving ahead in that direction as well.

This has been happening from last month even the online grocery, clothes and medicine deliveries have got delayed. I thought may be due to some reasons things are not moving and it will improve but they are not hence, I thought of taking guidance from you all.

I have not given any energy so far to these situations as I am not sure what energies to give.

Please guide.

Thanking you for going through my post.


  • @Kuldiplatt

    Your first situation starts pending since Jan 2019. And your last line says you havnt used VK energy for all situations.
    I am wondering why you havnt used VK daily for these situations.

    So now start sending ALL CLEAR SERUM for all pending things.

    You can use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for all money matters.

    Regarding marriage, maybe you can use GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH for easy communication and to know about her personal views.
    You can also ask a SIGN to VK if you both are best and deserving for each other in marriage.

    You must read some success stories on forum by VK users how VK users got their work done in govt offices and other money matters.

    You must use VK regularly to clear obstacles. Should not wait !!

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your new start of healing with VK.

    Also check how you feel in the home that you stay, energy levels at home is there some negativity.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you for guidance as always!

    I don't somewhere I lost my path but VK was always there to help and with a new energy I will start the process of healing.


  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher


    Some success that too just after writing the post.

    The agent called himself and handed over my brother's license to us.

    I called up investor for restaurant and while the call was ringing so I gave ACS and the investor picked up the call and also offered a place to start our restaurant business.

    It has happened before as well I write on this forum and the problem starts resolving. I think even the forum is powerful and full of various VK energies/serum.

    For the other business as well I received some ray of hope.

    Overall, things are looking to be in motion.

    I will keep posting the success stories for other areas as well.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for blessing us with VK and thank you VK for blessing this forum.


  • @Kuldiplatt
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Wow. Thats great to read all changes happening with you.

    Can you think what else must have happened after writing on forum ?

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Please enlighten me.

  • @Kuldiplatt

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. I am expressing what came in my mind. What you were holding back, got released while writing on forum. You got back in action with your VK.

    Another thought came, that whoever (VK user) read this post wished or blessed you for your good. Their intention also got followed by their VK.

    So one question comes, what happens even when we write our VK success stories here, VK users become happy for us. The happy vibrations helps them as well as these positive energies get connected even to people who wrote those success posts or about whom they wrote in their experiences. I always feel it multiplies for all.

    So keep sharing your good experiences and multiply the joy !!

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher


    True that when we write our minds starts releasing the thoughts that we are holding onto. My teacher used to tell me that if you are stuck in life and don't know what to do take a pen and paper and start writing about the situation and things will start to move.

    Simple and very effective tip but we get so busy in our lives that we keep forgetting such things. Sometimes the solution/s to very complex problems come in a simpler way.

    Also, very true that when we share success stories we are not only helping each other but are also inspiring each other and it feels that we don't have to worry about anything in life because VK will take care of everything.

    Wishing success to everyone.

  • @Kuldiplatt Golden sunrise. u said it...

  • Golden Sunrise

    Very inspiring and beautiful VK experience

    Got a light on how to use all clear serum for obstacles and pending matters

    And this really inspiring me use VK in more positive ways to lead a more blissful life

    Really VK is a gift life flows smoothly and easily through VK

    Thank You VK for such amazeing benifits and limitless possiblities

    Thank You SHARAT SIR for creating such invention

    Thank You Rakhi Mam for shedding some more light on VK possibilities

    Thank You kuldeep Sir for inspiring me and also posting ur success in the same post u posted for ur problems I think everyone should share their experience

    Thank You Team Litrarian for such a platform where we can learn and grow and togather we can explore the infinii possibilities of divine tool VK


    Golden Sunrise
  • @Krishnaguntupalli -Golden sunrise to you and your efforts. Very good experience shared. Also you can try to use ACS to remove any obstacles coming in the way to build another source of income.
  • Golden Sunrise


    All Clear Serum is really versatile Serum there many possibilities for Serums too

    This really is a great blessing to know

    Thank You Shrinath Sir for additional technique

    Thank You SHARAT SIR for giveing VK to mankind

    Thank You Rakhi Mam and team Litrarian for helping me to find new ways to use VK

    Golden Sunrise
  • @Krishnaguntupalli -Golden sunrise to you and your efforts.
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