Many Blessings within few days of having VK. Read a Chain of Experiences with VIBBES KADA review.

One year Six months back I was gathering info about switch words when I first saw litrarian and heard about VK I didn't know so studied all the articals related to VK all about serums and all the beautiful feedback from people it was awesome I liked it
I started with Golden Sunrise switch word and it was great I always felt a rush of positivity and always was like all the problems we're becomeing very trivial for me I always felt very powerful and within six months I got my VK

The first thing I did after receiving VK was to give myself Golden Sunrise energy and the energy was very vital very powerful I never felt that way before it was vibrateing energy for my self I loved it I only felt like this when I was takeing attunement of reiki

After that in the evening I felt negativity I gave my self Lama Fera session through VK within two minutes I felt like my energy levels were riseing enjoyed the whole evening with my friends that day

A new girl came to my office I wanted to be frds with her I gave love serum from VK three time by the next day evening we were talking like best friends our friendship stays through this day also

I have learned some magic spells and for an experiment I gave my self goddess fortuna blessing ( goddess of good luck in ancient Greece ) and behold I got a 80,000 deal that day my target was 50,000 I crossed it with any much on my part through VK

I regularly do a session of Maun Sadhana too once in this forum I learned that Sharat Sir was a divine person talking with him and his light touch also gives people deep healing and blessing I mimicked the touch of Sharat Sir from VK it was fabulous I my body pain vanished in an instant I was feeling all round Bliss and very deep meditative trance u r really great Start Sir

It was elwction day my mother has severe joint pains but she wanted to vote I gave her pain care serum twice and then asked VK that please VK my mother voteing smooth she return to home in 15 mins said I had done my voteing that was really great

My father due to heart blockages felt pain in his chest at night I just give heart serum to him when he feels pains and always I have done this more than 50 times and within five minute his pain stops always it never takes more than that

Sometimes my bike gives some problem like takeing time to start I give perfect health serum to my bike and it smoothens up it's like meracle VK is really a great mechanic

I friend was suffering from some black magic he dreamed of snakes biteing him every night I gave him sheild of seven rays and all clear serum within 2 days the bad dreams stopped

Two days back I was in Market I was buying some stuff the rain started falling I asked my VK to stop the rain and in 5 minutes therain stopped and reached my home without any hassle

We are buying some house in area near Delhi the process stopped due to some unavoidable circumstances from the builder and we have already given some amount to builder to I send abundence flush Empowerment to my father for three days a the project started again we got our house that we wanted

Their are so many so many ways VK has helped me now I have two VK I think at least everyone should have 4 VK and one VS

Through VK a normal person can be a very great healer Sharat Sir has really opened the path of Life full of peace fullfillment and enjoyment no amount of words can express my gratitude towards sir it is said that Guru is Brahama Vishnu and Mahesh why I was said like this I only knew when I have known about Sharat Sir and VK

Rakhi Mam is another person she is always first to answer my doubts related to how to use VK she is always pointing me towards the right direction as how to know more about VK

Greateful for all Litrarian team and Litrarian Website


  • @Krishnaguntupalli
    Wow. When i read this i felt as if its Diwali Bonanza with chain of experiences.
    Can feel your happiness with every experience.
    Thank you for sharing it with so much efforts to write.
    I loved all your mimicking ways.
    Thank you for your kind words for all the Litairian team. We are all blessed to be part of Divine mission by Sharat Sir to spread happiness in many lives.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your experiences and sharing.Keep sharing more and more and inspire all.
    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for wonderful gift of VK and this platform of forum to learn and share
  • Thank You Mam yes Mam I am very happy with VK Thank You for helping me

    Thank You Sharat Sir for inventing VK and makeing our life special

    Thanks to this form as this forum helps to know more about vast potential of VK and it's uses

    Thank you All
    Golden Sunrise
  • Very inspiring success stories.
    Thank you for motivating.

    Golden Sunrise

  • All thanks goes to Sharat Sir Rakhi Mam and Litrarian team who made these all things possible

    Because of ur questions I have learned that cosmic serum works on soul level not on physical level

    Thank to you too sir because of ur querries I have learned a lot

    Thank You
    Golden Sunrise
  • @Krishnaguntupalli ji,
    Golden Sunrise to your experiences.
    Your experiences really give Light to All of us.
    Thank You for sharing.
  • Thank you Sir

    It's all due to Sharat Sir, Rakhi Mam and Litrarian team

    Deeply greateful for haveing VK in my life no day goes by without any miracle from VK

    Thank you
    Golden Sunrise
  • Amazing experiences i love reading each and every word. Thankyou for sharing in so much details.
  • It is all due to VK Sharat Sir Rakhi Mam and team Litrarian

    VK is really an awesome tool with such potential and versitality yet so much easy to use

    Thank You
    Golden Sunrise
  • Awesome experience.GOLDEN SUNRISE.

  • Great stories and outcomes. Bless you for sharing with all of us.
    This is all new to me and interesting. I am interested in learning.
    How can you use more than one VK? Do you use them all at once?

    I just received my VK. Do you wear all of your VK? or do revolutions of circles and picture on left hand your intentions and desires?

    What do you do when you are in a quandry and undecided about the correct path toward a goal? Do you ask? How do you ask?
    Thank you.
    Bless you.

  • @Cee
    GOLDEN SUNRISE and welcome to healing world of VK

    This message is for you from Sharat Sir

    Life starts with ZERO, isnt it? So now start using VK with this POST 0⃣ on litairian Forum


    This post is especially for those VK users

    1. Who want to explore Infinite Possibilities with VK.
    Then do check all hyperlinks in this post.

    2. Who are new, received VK for the first time. Welcome to School of VK.
    Please read every word and every hyperlink slowly and understand.

    3. Who have good and not good VK experiences, and you have more questions on VK basic procedures. Check every post on this link with new enthusiasm.

    4. Whoever has VK

    ☀ *And after reading this link, if you still have questions on VK procedures. Dont worry, Again read this post ZERO on litairian forum without hesitation. Watch videos again*.

    ☀ There is an *index to BASICS OF VK and to list of COSMIC SERUMs* with hyperlinks for your easy reference.

    *Dont shy away to read this whole post if you are passionate about VK*.

    ENJOY learning. GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to your learning skills
  • Golden Sunrise Cee Mam

    Thank You for encouraging me with kind words

    I have a very bad decision paralysis

    I always believed in power of scripts

    So what I do is I ask a series of direct request

    As follows

    VK please activate to increase my decision making power now

    VK please activate to bring me clarity related to
    ________ goals now

    VK please activate to release all confusion to _______ goal now

    VK please activate to increase my analysis power now ( this is awesome I always get new prospective when request this )

    VK please activate to increase my intuition now
    ( This u can request daily this really helps in lot of things it is excellent command sometimes I got dreams where I saw solutions to my problems )

    Sometimes i take VK I put my hands in prayer form and keep VK between both hands and ask

    Golden Sunrise VK I am very very fearful now because I don't know which path to take what to do in this situation see I just want to know what to do in ________ situation can u point me towards the right direction as I want this confusion to resolve as soon as possible I am waiting for the direction thank you

    Also ask VK to remove all negative emotions related to the issue( worry or fear or tentions etc )

    Hope u may have gotten help

    All the best
  • One more thing just take study serum and Brain serum through VK the pit VK aside for 30 mins now wait for 10 min the start thinking about ur goal u will definitely get instant clarity
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