Vk as a frnd

Golden Sunrise.. I really wanted to share this.. I spoke one of my friend few days back which I know through my brother.. My brother told her about. Me n VK.. So she texted me yesterday plz send energy so people wil select her again... She is from India.. I chked that text just before sleeping She didnt mention anything.. I only know she is interested in politics. I was really tired. I didn't hold vk in my hand and I didn't request three times..i just read a text and jus thinking in my mind.. She texted me first time plzz vk fulfil what she wants and I slept...today I got a text thank you so much.. She was really worried I was very happy to see.. So I only want to say vk does everytime for me.. I just talk to vk as a frnd and it fulfils.. That text made my day coz she was hPpy coz of me and I am alwz happy bcoz of vk. Thankyou so much sir..
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