Healing for Emphysema

Golden Sunrise Sir/Mam
Can you suggest what healing to be given for Emphysema?

Golden Sunrise
Dev Chugani


  • Give ENT SERUM, Mood Up Serum and if possible plz give local VOB.

  • Golden Sunrise Sharat Sir,
    So GS,ENT & MUS to be charged in water bottle and taken regularly or request GS,ENT & MUS thru VK and keep it aside for 30 minutes?

    And while doing VOB anything to say like GS or ENT serum or just rotate VK on the lungs without saying anything ?

    Golden Sunrise

  • @Dave76

    You are using VK for more than a year. If you still have questions on VK procedures please refer to BASICS OF VK posts on this forum.

    For VOB procedures please visit articles on VOB on litairian website
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