How to heal 2 yr old kid of cerebral palsy.

Golden Sunrise,Sharat sir,Golden people of VK Team.
One of my colleagues grandson affected of Cerebral palsy,after effect of worson of Brain Fever.
Since one month treating with Sharat sir's video,along with Brain serum,Acupressure for brain body alignment ,Zapper Healing and EFT to release negative emotions with safety and security.
But no positive response.
For 7 days currently Psychic Surgery to brain,energy of Australian shrub FUTCHSIA (useful in Cerabral palsy) advised by Australian doctor friend and energy of homeopathy medicine Opium 1M and Aconite 1M split dose .
Next week Laser Reiki to Root cause of Cerebral palsy. Because PS and LR can not take together.
Pl guide me,rather help me


  • Atharva is not responding by sense,can not see,and hear also which left to write in above request.
  • @Shirish ji
    Celebral palsy healing will require lot of energy. This healing requires patience.
    If you decide to heal brain disorders must not count days rather keep the intention of highest good for the journey of the soul.
    With VK please use BRAIN SERUM
    BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY and BALANCE SERUM daily and more frequently.
    Pl do VO of brain daily with VK.

    Keep the healing simple with VK. In a month for brain disorder you are changing healing twice with so many mimicking requests.

    Instead of mimicking if the patient had actually been given homeopathic medicine Laser reiki
    Psychic surgery EFT Accupressure Australian Shrub all this to a small child with Cerebral Palsy would these treatments give response within 1 week or 2 weeks. Think about it. VK is just mimicking these.

    Must ask the Australian doctor how much time does it take to heal Cerebral Palsy with his prescribed shrub.

    Keep the healing simple with VK.
  • Thanks @Golden Rakhi ji.
    I am trying my best and has patience,the doses as per proscribed and for maximum 15 days other than our Serums which will continue till it creat request was to ask any other remedy any one can suggest as he is blind deaf and dumb.
  • @Shirishji

    We understand your feelings. In such healings one needs to surrender to Divine energies. This will also help to release your own anxiety as you are counting the days.

    As suggested please give few energies more frequently rather than doing more types of healing. This would be simple easy and best utilisation of VK and and even the child will receive more energy.

    MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA is the best remedy. You can club with other energies as suggested and send this healing more frequently.
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