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Heal Type1 Diabetes

Dear Maam, my student has Type 1 diabetes. What do I send to heal him. He is resuming school on Monday and will follow insulin injections at school. Please guide what to do. I am VK user. One girl student of mine recently was diagnosed with a brain clot. I used Brain serum and perfect health serum and she can to school in the next two days. It was nothing short of a miracle. Now I want my students to be alright all the time. Not only mine, everyone.please guide.


  • @Vaishali
    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Good to see your compassion of healing your students.
    For Type 1 diabetes you can use KEY PEN SERUM IMMUNE SERUM BALANCE SERUM with VK.

    You can make a request to VK directly to regenerate pancreatic cells for optimum insulin production with safety and security.
    You can even charge above request in water along with cosmic serums.

    Thank you for sharing your experience on brain clots. Keep sharing your success stories as a separate post in Category VK SUCCESS STORIES on this forum. It will motivate and inspire all of us.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your helping efforts
  • Thank you Ma'am for your prompt guidance. Love you and VK and many many thanks to Sharat Sir.
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