enhancing the properties of yantras

GOLDEN SUNRISE Sir, can we enhance the power of yantras ,copper 3D shree yantra or the other different types of copper yantras with the help of V K .Thanks Warm Regards


  • @Guru101

    You can explore this and share your results. Do some experiments as you are a new VK user.

    VK has infinite possibilities...explore.

    Personally i feel rather than energising yantras why not take positive energies thru VK directly.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Rakhiji yes you are correct to take positive energy directly ,if we energies the yantra I.e shree yantra 3D with the power of prosperities or Lalita Devi ,it will emit 24*7 in the place where it is placed Thanks

  • @Guru101

    You will have to energise the yantra with VK frequently as per the need. Thats why you need to experiment and know.
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