All Clear Serum in Marijuana addiction

I have someone I am working with who has extreme vomiting and diarrhea. She only can eat by smoking marijuana. She needs to lay off the marijuana in order to pass a test for a job. I went thru the section on addiction and charged the water with AAS, ACS, PCS. She lost 10 pounds in three days from vomiting. Then I figured the all clear serum wasn't helping. So I stopped the ACS. She now has the flue and I am treating her with. ENT, IS, PHS, DFEV, ZAPPER HEALING. Now the instructions say to also give ACS for cough, but if i give her that it makes the rest worse. I'm so lost. I just want to help so badly. :I always leave it to VK to take care of what I don't understand.


  • pollyanna

    All Clear Serum to be avoided when a person is vomiting or has diarrhoea or any kind of throwing out, as the body is already clearing, so why do you need ACS again.

    Vomiting, Flue , dehydration these could be actually withdrawn symptoms of Marijuana. So i am not sure if you require Zapper here. If its due to any infection you may use Zapper.

    For cough, you can increase the frequency with other energies you stated.
    You can even mimick energy of KOFOL syrup for cough.

    The person may need DIGEE SERUM and GYM SERUM for overall strength.

    You may give additional direct request to VK, PLEASE SEND MAHA MRITYUNJAY MANTRA TO HEALTH OF XYZ.

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