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How to use one soul serum and love serum to bring A & B together ?

Both A & B are my family & important part of my life and I want them to be happy and their relationship becomes more strong.

Can I request VK

One Soul Serum
One Soul Serum
One Soul Serum
Love Serum
Love Serum
Love Serum

And keep on A & B for 30 mins ?


  • @apoorvm

    You can use ONE SOUL SERUM with their names.

    However LOVE SERUM can be used by VK users only to improve their own relations.

    So if you cannot use LS to improve relationship between A and B.

    If A and B are VK users atleast one of them, then they can send LS to each other.

    You can simply request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE BLESS A and B with a loving relationship among them

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