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How to activate Light body?

Can I charge food and water by saying "Light Body Activation" thrice to activate my Light Body ? Or is there any other procedure to activate them? Pls mention other serums or terms or methods to activate light body.
Thanks in advance


  • Dear @Gayathri ji, I have already suggested in your previous quarry, that with VK, you can summon and evoke any spiritual state of any level. You may charge Water, Food, Cold drinks or juice, anything with such affirmation. But the hard fact remains of worthiness which is separate and a unique feature in the world of Spirituality.

    Nothing in this world comes to you without a struggle. Its only God's prerogative to grant divine gift to a chosen one. Universe endows only the one who is worthy and this is a universal fact. All of us including Dr. Pillai who professes Light Body would appreciate the fact that there is no short-cut to excellence. From the very beginning, even incarnations of God himself has put themselves into this test of fire and proven themselves to be called as Avatara. All these years, since childhood, we have been put to examinations before we got promoted to the next standard and after 12 +3 years, we are considered as worthy to walk into the real world.

    I am mentioning the above, just to keep you aware that great spiritual levels are crown of worthy bearers. We all need to elevate our own spiritual levels to suit the endowment. For example, if someone desire to activate his/her Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) and VK enlightens the way. He should be of the calibre to behold the bliss. His spiritual status must be of the level, that he understand what is happening or coming to him/her. Likewise as in your case acquiring the state of light body means you should know what happens when the stage is coming to you. You should be aware of the speed your subtle mind is vibrating to reach or match the speed of light. Otherwise, you may not achieve the experience.

    Aspiring great bliss with VK is absolutely possible but in spiritual journey, we all have to practice and elevate our own levels before we desire a great happening to us. Neither it resembles to a healing of diseases or a beauty issue.

    Ask yourself. if you are ready .......then you are the one.

    This is my opinion. I do not disagree happening of miracles. Please Go ahead.

  • Thank You Sanjay Sir for the great explaination.

    Yes I agree we have our own part of struggle.

    I remember my Journey to reach DIVINE VK, it has been full of struggle for many years . And Now I am a free bird having my way.

    And I feel worthy to have it.

    Many People have Got DIVINE VK, but they dont understand what to do with it.
    Struggle teaches you a lot.

    Thank you once again.

    Thank you Sharat sir
    for the gift of DIVINE VK.

  • Dear @Ashish ji, this is a fantastic news and we feel really happy about it.

    Please maintain your spiritual status and keep practicing. VK will automatically surge your level to next destination. Practice is important as unlike materialistic and body related healing, in Spiritual voyage we have to work for the health of our Mind & Soul first, for enlightenment. Gradually, this level rises to gel with the Divinity and get into blissful synchrony with it. This stage is required to understand, dwell, interact and experience Energies.

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