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About requesting VK for using serums for daughter.

edited September 2019 in Children Discussion

Golden Sunrise!

I recently took VK (6 days back), unfortunately I have not yet experienced how it works with me.. I have read all the testimony on VK, how VK users have done...shall try it again and again for me to get connected with VK Personally...

Now i want to know if the below what am i doing is correct for me to ****give direct request to VK ****on behalf of my Daughter when she is in school/tuitions or elsewhere.

I shall HOLD VK and request ****VK please send Energy to my Daughter (Ashmitha) GYM SERUM+BRAIN SERUM+STUDY SERUM AND PERFECT HEALTH SERUM** ** (each serum 3 times) 24/7.

please correct me if i am wrong & let me know the correct way of requesting VK, so that it helps my daughter to get energy & concentrate on her studies in getting good score.

Thank you!


  • Golden SunRise!

    Thanks for the link shared.

    i just wanted to double confirm if the below is fine for me to request or should i inter change the serum name.

    VK please send Energy to my Daughter (Ashmitha) GYM SERUM+BRAIN SERUM+STUDY SERUM AND PERFECT HEALTH SERUM.

    i shall again go through the link shared by you.

    Thank you!

  • VK please give/send
    GYM SERUM (×3 times)
    BRAIN SERUM (×3 times)
    STUDY SERUM(×3 times)
    to my daughter Ashmitha.

    Keep VK aside for 30 minutes.

    Receivers name must be at the end of the request.

    It will be good if combination of serums related to one healing is taken together.

    Adding GOLDEN SUNRISE enhances the effect of healing.
    BALANCE SERUM can be added to any healing without any second thought.

    Using VK is very simple ....go through the basics learn and share your experiences with VK.
  • Golden SunRise

    Now it's very clear to me.

    Thank you ????
  • Cosmic serum names related to one healing can be taken in any order.
  • Mam for my easy understanding I shall add Golden SunRise at starting and balance serum at the end..

    Sorry for so many questions.
  • S u can use GOLDEN SUNRISE as starting energy and BALANCE SERUM at the end of any request with VK.

    This VK forum is a learning and sharing platform to all VK users. Let us learn together , share our experiences to inspire and help other VK users. So no sorry's please.

    Thank you Sharat sir for Divine VK and
    VK forum.
  • Mam I am recently qualified in a exam for a govt teacher to be in merit list shall I use golden sunrise energy ×3times
    Reach first RANK NOW DIVINE switch word energy ×3 times
    Total wealth serum×3 times
    Mood up serum ×3 times
    Alpha women serum ×times
    Brave serum ×times
    Beauty serum ×3 times
    Shield of seven Ray's ×3 times to my job or I have chant to me plz tell me
  • I am a vk user
  • For questions on VK procedure please refer BASICS OF VK

    Also read VK success stories for more ideas

    If your question relates to combination, you may refer individual Cosmic Serum articles

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