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High Blood Pressure teeth regrow

edited August 2019 in Health Discussion

My blood pressure is extremely high according to the blood pressure machine. I am doing VOB on my heart with Golden Sunrise, Heart Serum, Calm Down Serum, MMM, and Balance Serum. Also send direct to myself Golden Sunrise, Heart Serum, Calm Down Serum, Perfect Health Serum and Zapper Healing 9volt 10kilohertz with safety and security now and forever. Intention of heal me now and forever. Am I using right combination of serums. What else can I do. Another thing is I wear dentures and I broke my top ones about 5 years go so I only have the bottom ones. I went to the dental college to see about getting some dentures made and when they checked my BP it was high and so I have to get it down before they will see me. I have been requesting VK Jubilant to activate Dr. Mayo's procedure using stem cells to regrow teeth with safety and security for me and mimicking that also in water. The reason I went to the dental college to get dentures made was because after listening to Golden Sunrise Affirmation Video my granddaughter and I was talking because I have a birthday coming up in October and she knows I do not like to eat out in public without teeths so she said she would pay for me to get some dentures. By me consenting to have some dentures made is that contradicting me asking to have my own teeth to grow back? I also request VK Jubilant to mimick Dr. Tom Kolso happy mouth. I believe with all my heart that my teeth are going to grow back, I get these sensations in my gums all the time. TY TY TY for your advice.


  • @queenie9

    You may increase the frequency with Heart Serum and Calm Down Serum combination mentioned in your post.

    Zapper Healing is not required.

    Yes you have two opposite intention denture and regrowth of teeth.

    I dont know the details of Tom Kolso therapy whether it helps to regrow teeth after normal age of teeth regrow period.
    And you are mimicking it.
  • Golden Sunrise Divine TY TY TY. Could the sensations I am having in my gums be and indication that my teeth will grow back? Thank you I will do as you advise because I really would rather have my own teeth opposed to dentures. I wore dentures for a long time and they are nothing like your real teeth, you don't enjoy your food and cannot chew it properly. I am going to stick with regrowth of teeth, no matter how long it takes I know VK Jubilant will bless me with my own teeth. I have faith, belief, hope and confidence in VK Jubilant. Blessings to you and Sharat Sir for VK Jubilant.

  • @queenie9

    Thank you for the blessings

    You can explore and share your experiences. Its difficult to regrow teeth after certain age.
    But we are curious to know if it happens.
  • can you tell me where I can find the list of gratitudes and blessings you posted. I found them but did not bookmark them and I cant find them? Thank You

  • @queenie9

    Some are posted in VK Tips section. Some are scattered in old posts while answering to question posts.

    Earlier i was posting in ACTIVITY section , but you will find many on Fb page GOLDEN SUNRISE. If you scroll on fb many posts on Gratitude and Blessings.
  • Golden Sunrise Divine instead of using serums for BP can you rub VK Jubilant on heart with the intention of heal me now and forever allowing VK to use its on wisdom as you demonstrated in the video using VK Jubilant on different areas of body? TY TY TY

  • @queenie9

    Each healing has its own benefits or results.
    For some only VOB does wonders.
    For some only Cosmic Serums
    For some combination of both.
    Sharat Sir guides to do VOB for everyone irrespective of whether there is any illness or not.

    The healing energy and frequency depends on need of person at any moment. So you can explore what helps you best.

    My personal view is if a person has chronic BP fluctuations or low or high, then HEART SERUM can be taken in water during the day and VOB can be done as possible for few minutes.
  • TY TY TY Golden Sunrise Divine

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