Quality vs quatity

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Sometimes when i see a poor persons in the street i dont know them that they have nothing no food no home...
I take my vk i send to him GS and TWSerum
But only form some few minuts
Ometimes i do that for health if i see ho suffer from diseases olso for few minuts
Can that be helpful in realty them ???


  • @faissal

    In a situation when we see an unknown or person on street without food, we offer help with some food.
    Sometimes we offer money or kind in form of clothes, blankets, toys, sweets, water etc.

    At that time do we think "is it enough for that person at that time or do we think of his life-time needs/wants/desires"?

    Do you stop yourself from helping at that moment thinking that you cannot support that person on further needs or life-long?

    What do you think in such situation ?

  • I know sometimes we have time we have possibility de do that to helo with food with money with medicaments with wirds.....
    But sometimes we havent time. I feel do something even if very simple better than nothing ...
    But sur another time when we have possibility time we i do help directly with money food......
  • @faissal

    Same is for help with healing !!!

    Dont think if its helping or not ? Just do your part whenever you feel or whatever you can.
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