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How to do reiki attunement with VK without me doing the process? Will it last forever?

Hello dear ones.

I have been reading all the text on mimicking Reiki and attunements. I am already a Reiki Master and have used the Mimic technique. What i really need to know and I couldn't quite understand is that my son would like me to attune my 13 year old grandson into Reiki. He won't have a VK, so can I just ask VK to do the attunement without me doing the whole process that I would have done if I was doing a Reiki class. Will this give him the ability to do Reiki on another person as any other Reiki practitioner. If so, does it last forever?


  • @Pollyanna
    Yes you can attune with VK and your grandson can further practice it

    I myself have attuned my students for Reiki 3 rd level too.
  • Thank you Golden Sunrise. I've had several people ask for Reiki Initiation, but I haven't in so many years that i done it don't remember how. This way vk can do it for me. I love my VK LOVE. I love you too for all your help.

  • Golden Sunrise @Pollyanna

    We shall be posting a link shortly with the complete step wise attunement process using VKs.

  • If someone has never learnt or practised Reiki then can VK be used to get benefits of Reiki ?

  • @Shrinath

    You can mimick effects of Reiki like you mimick other healing modalities with safety and security.
    For example Psychic surgery is also an advanced reiki practise.

    When you know that certain healing modality gives certain desired effect you can use VK to mimic that just with a simple request to VK.

    For more info refer BASIC POST 20

    The above post is discussing about reiki attunement by Reiki Masters to Students eager to become Reiki practioners, where VK Reiki Masters want to use VK for attuning students for Reiki.
    Regarding this @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher would be posting in detail.
    Mudit is Reiki Grandmaster and Sharat Sirs elite and favourite student with unusual psychic abilities . Above all he is among first few VK users practising VK healing since a decade when VK was launched and uses VK in wonderful ways.
  • @Shrinath

    Psychic Surgery is Level 3 Reiki healing. And many are doing with VK just with a simple request !! Isnt it ??
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Thanks a lot for the clarity. It looks like VK is teachine me Reiki well now :)

  • Awaiting for Mudit ji post :)
  • Golden Sunrise,

    Please click on the above link to find all the information regarding:
    1. What is an Attunement
    2. How to do an Attunement Process using VKs
    3. Points to Note While doing Attunement
    4. Benefits of Using VK for the Attunement Process
    5. What kinds of Modalities you can attune using VKs

  • @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher

    Wow. Within a week a video and article posted !!

    Wonderful self explanatory video. Thanks to you and Shruti.
    And very well explained article. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to both of you.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for VK and its never ending possibilities. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sir.
  • I am a Reiki Master,with VK i wish to take attunment of Psychic Reiki,which has 5 levels but do not know about symbols to use,please guide me i have already read all literature,QA,but still can not use.
  • Golden Sunrise @Shirish Ji,

    You may take the attunement of Psychic Reiki using VKs but without the knowledge of the symbols and processes used in that modality, you shall not be able to take the benefit of that modality in any way.

    My suggestion to you as a VK user is that you may simply request your VK to provide the energy of Psychic Reiki, or any other healing modality and gain the same benefits. To know more about the Mimicking abilities of VK please visit this link:

    @SharatSir has made attunements extremely easy using VKs, however he has very clearly guided, that once an attunement is provided by a teacher to student or to self, one must teach the student the complete healing process as otherwise without knowing the processes, the attunement is of no use to the student.

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