VK mimicking mint candy effect just with a simple request

Golden Sunrise Friends

My another VK mimicking experiment with some fun

Few days back i was travelling and happen to eat in a restaurant where they served Sambar (south indian lentil and veg stew with tamarind and spices recipe) which had lots of Hing (Asafoetida). The taste was good but the hing pungency remained in the mouth. The restaurant did not serve after-mint !! Oops.

Me and my friend were looking out for a shop nearby for a mint dose. Even after 2 hrs, this hing taste was lingering in the mouth with no rescue.

So i just requested VK "Wo jo bachpan mei mint ki rectangle white goli the, uski taste le aao mooh mei aur ye hing ki taste nikal do".

(VK please get the taste of that rectangular white candy that i liked in my childhood and remove this taste of asafoetida from my mouth)

In next few seconds i got some tingling sensation on my tongue. And the pungent taste of asafoetida vanished.
OMG i was wondering what was the tingling sensation, and i realised it was similar to that comes from a mint candy.

And i thought to myself, to what extent VK mimics, everytime there is a pleasant surprise.

Must explore VK and its special mimicking feature.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for my partner VK

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