Time for kindness during natural calamity


I wud like to make a small request to all VK users. As you all know currently many parts of India are affected with flood (Maharashtra, Karnataka, AP, TN, Kerla) Can we all give energy & heal the people, nature, animals or say all living, non living etc. The life in all the affected areas is too worst & heard it may get more worst too. Let's all pray for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,
Gratitude towards Universe, Dear Supreme Soul, Sharat sir, Divine VK, all VK teachers, entire VK family ????????????????????????


  • @Golden_Sunrise_Jaie
    Nice initiative. Thank you

    Sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to all living beings for their safety and wellbeing.

    A suggestion to you when you do any healing please dont get the thought "it may get worst"
    Thats the forecast. But as a well wisher and VK user... think "All is being restored to normal"
  • Sending GOLDEN SUNRISE and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to all living beings for their safety and wellbeing. Thank you VK, Sharat Sir

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher thank you very much for your kind words and helpful suggestion. Ma'am I just touched the VK n requested it to send energy of GS, good health, peace, and SO7R to all the affected living & non living. Also requested VK to my the life normal ASAP fr all stuck ppl. Hv I done it in the right way?
    Also hw can I edit my sentence in the post?
    @Leenakaur thanks a lot
  • @Golden_Sunrise_Jaie

    Its good. Just say.... normal NOW FOREVER.
    I think edits are possible only within few minutes for a post. Dont worry its ok
    WE appreciate your proactiveness and compassion for mass of people/many cities.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts !!
  • Golden Sunrise and Shield of seven rays sent for well being of affected areas.
  • Shield of Seven Rays sent to all the flood affected area of India.
  • Vk Please send Golden sunrise, Shield of 7 rays, Perfect health serum for all the living beings and infrastructure and food and clean water supply to Goa Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and all states of India.

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