Can vk user be a healer

Sometimes i see
Some reiki practionner request energy exchange 50 or 100§ for 1 or 2 times

Can vk user if someone want help of energy for 1 month or more request money
Can vk user be a healer as a reiki practitinner ???
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  • @faissal

    I guess you are asking if VK users can send healing through their VK with energy exchange in form of money
    Is this yr question
  • Yes exactly
  • @faissal

    Yes you can if you wish. Just keep the intention for good of others irrespective of whether you are using VK for self or for others, with or without energy exchange.

    Keep the intention that you can use VK to help more people.
  • I m a practionner reiki money and angel reiki . But i feel vk give same enegy but without side effects
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