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Change in Prespective leads to Change in Life, VK healing for new job after a maternity break

edited August 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise Everyone
Sharing one of my favourite experience.Few months back female contacted me for relationship issue , this matter was resolved but still somehow she was not happy as earlier she was working after her baby she stopped working to take care of him.I found lot of issues were related to this aspect as she is bright , ambitious but wasting her energy just with house hold work...(It does not mean that to be housewife is an easy job it is full time job and thankless too at times) as i believe female are much stronger to handle both aspect easily if they are happy themselves.So i started guiding her with few things she can start from home and to love and respect urself first then only others will respect and love you back . Starting giving her charged bottle with Total wealth Serum + Alpha women serum + Sheild of 7 rays .Now she has started working , earing too.Few issues are there but her prespective towards life & herself has changed big time .Even she understood Innerpeace is most important.
All gratitute to VK , Sharat Sir for touching so many lives in such amazing way.


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