A wonderful healing done while doing practising Gratitude with Divine VK

Golden Sunrise!!!
I want to to share my another Amazing experience with my Divine VK. Day before yesterday,while doing practising Gratitude with Divine VK, I got a wonderful experience. I cann't describe in words but will try. That day, at 3pm, while lying on bed I had put VK on my heart chakra and started chanting thank u VK, thank u Divine, thank u Sharat Sir. As I started chanting suddenly felt a huge flow of energy in my whole body from head to toe. I felt like this energy was cleansing and healing all the veins and organs of my body. My heartbeat was increasing continuously. I felt strong vibrations on my heart chakra and back of my third-eye chakra. The whole process of healing remained continue for about 1 hour.And slowly I felt very light and calm. After that process my whole body and mind was relaxed. What an Amazing healing !!! It can be done one and only by my best friend Divine VK. It helps me always whenever I need. Feeling blessed to have Vk in my life. May God bless all the people on this Earth with Divine VK. I want to pay my heartfelt Gratitude to Divine Sharat Sir(The Miracle Man, V K Inventer) who is always ready to help Humanity in many ways. Divine Sharat Sir ko mera koti koti naman.
Thank u Divine Thank u VK Thank u Sharat Sir
Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!!!


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