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Studies, Charging water food bags clothes stationery

edited July 2019 in Children Discussion

dear team
Golden Sunrise
I am just a two day old VK user. please guide me which is the best way of giving energy of SS+BS+CDS+AAS(from TV)and golden sunrise. by water, by photo charging for 30 mints or by charging the books staitionery bed clothes bags etc.
right now iam doing all the above methods.
and also pl guide how frequently in a day we can give this energy. this is for my son who is in class 12th


  • @suguna
    First of all welcome to VK family.The above combination is right which you mentioned.Frequency of giving energies depends on need .You are doing perfect .Keep it up .
    Even his tiffin can be charged .
  • thanks a lot mam

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