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VK finding a new job after losing one, Divine knows whats best,

edited July 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Golden Sunrise
This is another wealth healing case .This female mother contacted me for her daughter's job .Presently She was working as Nursery Teacher in play School , but few days back lost that job.Now looking for new opportunities .I started her healing with Total Wealth Serum + All clear Serum + Balance Serum +Alpha women serum .She start getting calls from school though earlier she was not getting. Still nothing clicked as somewhere she was not getting good package or some she didnt wanted to work because of atmosphere .It was more than month now so one day I talked to her and asked her how she look her job and her new family as recently she got married.She told that her husband never appreciate her job as teacher , infact appreciate all her friends in corporate offices.Then I asked her what is she comfortable in, she had degree as teacher and experience too so now starting from scratch she was not ready.Now whole story was cleared .From that day onward i started infusing Total wealth Serum + saying in my own words what is best job for her she should get that with ease now .Even explained her to look for jobs which need your teaching experience rather than school .One more month keep giving her charged bottle with these energies .But at times people get restless too when they don't get desired results.After three months she called back and told she found job in an institute for foriegn studies as councellor.This is an excellent and perfect example of when divine , universe takes it own time to manifest what is best for us and at right time.Whenever we send cosmicenergies for any particular purpose be sure it is working inly thing which matter is time. As I always say every experience teaches one new lesson.


  • GOLDEN SURISE madam,
    Thank you madam for letting us know to keep intention as " best deserving" with VK.
    Thank you Sharath Sir
    Thank you VK team
    Thank you VK Forum
  • Wow wonderful

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