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Dominant husband

Dear Sir and Ma'am, GOLDEN SUNRISE .Please help to heal relationship with husband. He is forever finding faults, insulting, reprimanding and blaming me for everything. I manage kids, work and home and him with care and love. Yet he is never happy and never spends on me for daily needs too. It's not that I don't contribute to my home needs. But if I ask something, he always says" Where is your money?" He keeps insulting in front of kids and is forever angry, God knows why. I send Love Serum and Balance Serums along with Golden Sunrise. What else can I do? Sometimes I feel I must divorce him but still work on my relationship one day at a time.


    With VK nothing is impossible, we must just have faith and patience.
    If your intention is strong, you will get positive results very soon.

    Please give ONE SOUL SERUM and CALM DOWN SERUM to your husband
    Intending VK to do whatever is best for you and your husband.
    This switch word phrase encourages joy in life. Helps to release the strictness and rudeness from a person’s nature to enjoy life fully. Make a person jolly and happy
  • By watching the above suggested vedio please give SHIELD OF SEVEN RAYS to your relationship..
  • Vaishali
    You can raise up your vibration with

    Think positive, Be cheerful....have a big smile always on your beautiful face
  • Thank you so much. I am holding the last thread probably trying to bring peace to this relationship. It is depressing to be insulted everyday, Everytime but still I hope all will be well for me , my kids and my husband.
  • Please give BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY and MOOD UP SERUM if you think your kids are affected
  • Thank you so much Sir
  • Give yourself and your husband, you have to write the names in the closed circle.


    and also give your self and drink charge water..

    "Vk ji, please activate EFT for my whole body and mind"

    it will remove the limitations about yourself in your own mind, you will be able to see yourself as worthy, needed...

    Drink charged water every 10 mins for one week and let us know about it.

  • I'm sorry, but what is EFT?

  • @Vjt

    Please use search option on litairian website, you will get a video and full article on EFT with VK
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