VK healed my injured right foot within four days

Today I want to share my VK experience.First of all,I want to pay my heartfelt Gratitude to Sharat Sir,VK and Divine. Today if I am walking on my foot its only because of VK and Sharat Sir. Due to some foot injury I couldn't able to stand even.But by God's Grace I have got 7 VK. I started healing of my right foot with multiple VKs .I was continuously rotating VK on my injured foot.And till evening I couldn't able to walk.But still Iwas keep on foot healing with VK.At night I tried to walk and slowly started walking. I cann't describe my feelings in words.I was feeling very happy at that time.I was continuously requesting VK please give me healing energy which I need to heal my right foot now forever with safety and security since morning. And with one VK I was keep on rotating on my injured foot with Pain Care Serum. Next day my foot was 50% healed. And third day it was 75% healed. I continue healing fourth day also. To my surprise I was walking. without any pain. VK my best friend healed my injured foot almost completely within 4 days. That was impossible without Divine VK. VK is priceless. VK does everything for me and my family now and then. I cann't imagine my life without my best friend VK. Infinite thanks to Sharat Sir for inventing such a Divine tool VK. Infinite Gratitude and Golden Sunrise Blessings to Sharat Sir for his selfless efforts for mankind.
Infinite Gratitude????????????????


  • @Kavita

    Amazing determination to use VK in so much pain till relief with patience.

    VK please give me healing energy which I need to heal my right foot now forever

    This is one of the easiest and best way to request VK in tough times.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your wellbeing and enthusiasm.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Very nicely experience the magic of VK at the time of discomfort. Golden Sunrise to your health.
  • Golden sunrise
    Infinite Gratitude to Sharat Sir for his selfless efforts to humanity.
    And also Infinite thanks to Rakhi Mam as always available to help people in trouble.
    Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude

  • @Kavita Ji,
    Yours simple request to heal encourage everyone of us.
    Golden Sunrise to your efforts.

  • @Kavita

    Thank you for your thanks. Keep sharing your wonderful experiences.

  • Wonderful experience thankyou for motivating us all.
    Please keep sharing your VK experiences.
  • @Kavita very nice.take care
  • Thank you @Jenny
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