Manifesting Launch of GOLDEN SUNRISE audio with VK, my VK experience


This is my VK experience, which is very close to my heart.

in team VK we were discussing to have an audio of GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting, being a Litairian initiative. So in discussion, Sharat Sir gave me this responsibility to find a musician and a person who could compose it for us.

I did search to find such person. But i was coming across classical singers in my circle. I was not sure if they would do it for a healing cause.

i started requesting VK GOLDEN SUNRISE help me to get the audio done. Make way for it. I don't know i just said this request once or twice, but my intention was very strong i guess.

After few days a VK user connected to me. He was a new VK user. Here he was expressing gratitude to Sharat Sir and team. He offered that he was in music field and he could do his best if anything we want.

Casually i told him that if could compose some music for litairian group. He agreed immediately, humbly. Then very next day he sent me some compositions, and i was shocked to listen to those.

It had a musical beat with GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting with a voice. This was just unbelievable. I did not tell him anything about GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting audio, but he did it on his own and it was ready in my inbox.

It was shared to Sharat Sir, and then we coordinated with this VK user musician . Sharat Sir gave ideas and guided on music and audio type and it was recomposed to final version.

It is so amazing that without efforts, Divine VK sent a VK user only who did the composition without any detail instructions.

So friends we are really excited and Sharat Sir will launch this audio in next few days. I am not sharing the VK user's (music composer) name now in this post, but you will see his name on the audio. And even on this post later.

VK ways are amazing.

Thank you Sharat Sir for VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE in our life. Thank you VK for your amazing ways.
Thanks to the VK user who came and did this music composition with full enthusiasm and love.



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