Vk showed me the sign in just 2 hours of my request

Golden Sunrise,

I wanted to share a story where VK showed me a sign in just 2 hours of my request..
Today after going through the link regarding making a decision with VK which was posted by Sharat sir in Golden Sunrise Forum in Facebook I decided to follow it as I have something in my mind regarding an issue which needs a clear answer so after an hour I requested VK to show me a sign of either real black rose or a picture of black rose and later after sometime i was going through some cute flower pictures in google and found some red roses and clicked on the link and i was just scrolling down the page and to my surprise in the middle of all the red roses pictures i found a black rose and was really shocked and thrilled looking at the picture because i really didn't expect that i could find a black rose in the page which is full of beautiful red roses and still scrolled down and found another black rose.. I requested VK to show me one black rose as a sign and it showed me two..Im feeling extremely happy.. Waiting for VK to fulfill my another wish too very soon..

Feeling very grateful for Sharat sir and Vk..


  • @anuchoco

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks for sharing. Here i feel you can repeat this sign exercise with a different sign.

    When you request for a sign to VK one should not go to search it, it will appear to you on its own if its a YES.

    I understand you went on google to see flowers, so its more obvious to see different colors of roses as google definitely picks up close varieties.

    This is my suggestion i feel this exercise is not done correctly. Please read the article on litairian website on Sign...it has detail instructions with real experiences.
  • ok will try with another sign after 24 hours as I have placed the request today at 9:30pm so may be i ll try again on wednesday..
    Thank you
  • Mam.. Is there any way of deleting the post because i think it may mislead people so if possible please delete it from your side as i do not have access to delete it..
  • @anuchoco

    Will not delete dear. Its a learning too. Do not think its a mistake or mislead. Just take it as a learning and move ahead. Thank you for sharing.

    You are right you should wait till tomorrow nite as per your request to VK. I did not realise that request is placed today for 24 hrs. Now dont think of repeating sign on wednesday. Just leave it till tomo nite.

  • Mam.. as per your suggestion shall i try with another sign again or shall i wait for 3 months as mentioned by sharat sir in the post..please guide..
  • @anuchoco

    Did you see the exact sign in 24 hrs
  • no but saw as i mentioned in above post..so if that's not considered as sign i will again try after 3 months..
  • @anuchoco

    Though its not considered as sign, its little confusing as you were on google for flowers. So lets consider this as an incorrect way.

    Ask sign again in this week with a unique rare sign. You can read the article and links to get more idea.

    Its written 3 months gap for same exercise considering some change in situation or you get to work on yr wish or situation in some months.

    On your post o feel you can repeat same question with a different unique rare sign and please follow all the instructions as given in article before you plan to ask sign again for this same question.

    If you repeat now, do share your results after you get the answer from VK sign. Thank you

  • Thanks mam..
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