How many times should we rotate the VK on EC


@Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Mam.. I have gone through the subject Activating EC with Vk I have a doubt.. how many times should we rotate vk on EC.. It was written that we can simply request" Vk please activate the EC" and the rotate the Vk over EC but how many rotations should be done...please guide


  • @anuchoco

    Rotation is optional. You can rotate VK over EC as per your inner guidance.
  • @anuchoco

    In the earlier posts, you have mentioned you have got many good experiences. We are all Waiting to read your VK experiences.

    This forum is also for sharing your experiences so that it is learning for all. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your sharing.

  • @ Rakhi-Certified Thanks for the guidance...Sure will share my experiences in a post separately..
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