Vk show us way...

Gs my vk family....on 20th april 2019it was my 1st marrige anniversry me and my husband was very happy that day and decided to go for a small trip..daily i used to say vk its in ur hand plan something very special for us but dat day was worst day of my life .....my in laws created so much of problem that day .....they called my parents and talked rubbish about me that IAM like this and that etc etc...why this happend with me i dun no.....what can i do for this kind of figtings...
And also we both are not happy because of such problems we are facing daily...


  • @shaluoli

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Maybe the relationship healings between you and yr inlaws. And also both side parents need more healing energy.
    Increase the frequency of healing.

    Also you have mentioned that both of you were not happy, maybe VK is giving you a signal that being unhappy is a state of mind. But maybe you need to act.

    Maybe you need to discuss openly with inlaws why they spoke negative about you. May be you need to make some difference in your own attitude towards your inlaws and some tactful and truthful ways to make them feel you are one. Maybe you need to increase your daily communications with them. Take ALPHA WOMAN SERUM regularly. Give GOLDEN SUNRISE and BEAUTY SERUM to your communications with them.

    Maybe you also need to discuss with your husband freely and with respect that what is his stand after this episode. If he stands for you in this situation discuss with him how he can handle the situation that it becomes smooth for you.
    Emotions and energy healing goes along with action. Now ACT along with your husband , tell him to take a lead seriously to resolve this issue for best of your marital relationship with all.

    Send him GOLDEN SUNRISE and LOVE SERUM now with the intention that he resolves these fights for your peaceful marital life.

    If required send him BRAVO SERUM too.

    In marriage both partners need to act and stand for each other not just with feelings but also with actions for each other.

    Continue LOVE SERUM and ONE SOUL SERUM as guided earlier and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to relationship.

    You can send ALL CLEAR SERUM to those communications which has hurt you and your parents.
  • @shaluoli
    I know what I am going to say is bit out of interest to you as it is not directly related to your question but I can't resist myself
    As you said you were asking VK to plan something good for you but in your mind it was going out.so now as we all know VK works for the best so maybe going out that day was not good for you that day and the only way to stop you was the trouble caused by your in laws which at the minute is making you feel bad and I exactly know that whatever happened as you said was not the very good thing
    Here I want to share something. I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago when I was using all the positive energies with VK and was always praying VK that bless me with a healthy child.
    Believe me after miscarriage that was end of world for me . For sometime the thoughts were that maybe VK is not for me anymore but only today I have received report from hospital about the microscopic examination of the tissues of the twins I lost in miscarriage.
    One of them was going to have Down's Syndrome definitely and one had chromosomal defects
    So now a question has VK helped me or not????
    Definitely yes because at the minute it's just a pregnancy loss but what if these babies were born with these abnormalities...
    So believe it VK works for the best..Maybe going out that day was not in your best interests
  • @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher

    Brave Lioness as always you are. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your faith. Thank you for sharing your very personal experience to motivate others. You have a big heart

    GOLDEN SUNRISE for your healthy happy family life NOW FOREVER.

    You are a wonderful VK user and very passionate too. I know you have achieved seemingly impossible desires with VK. You will sail through this phase too.
    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your passionate working with VK.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher is right, only a brave lady can think of this way. Stay blessed @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher .

  • Kudos to your unshakable faith in vk Barinderji n thinking out of the box is amazing. Gratitude to vk Golden sunrise ????
  • With VK there is always some good in the store.plz wait patiently for dt good to happen and keep sending healings as guided by Rakhi ma'am.
  • Superb.Complete surrender.
  • @shaluoli Golden sunrise.Keep faith in divine all will be good.Follow guidance.
    @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher God bless you dear,really brave Sikhni.Waheguruji

  • Speechless @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher mam
    Golden Sunrise to you for bright future
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