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Golden Sunrise Sir!I want to ask for guidance on Energy Circle...1-Can I create my own energy circles in photoshop then print it and have it laminated to be placed on walls of parts of our house e.g. rooms,living room,kitchen,hallway etc...and activate them with VK? 2-Can you please suggest Switch Words to be placed in energy circles to keep positive energies and repel negative energies and blockages in our house e.g. room,work station etc...? 3-how many switch words for one intention can be placed inside an energy circle? Thank you thank you so much Sir!Namaskar.ॐ



  • @JadeMS3


    1. Yes

    Please note that switchword work only on subconcious mind.
    There could be many types of negative energies or blockages in a place like harmful electromagnetic radiations, Geopathic stress, energy disturbance due to vaastu or feng shui faults, negative vortices, evil or black magic energy.

    For this , Sharat Sir invented VIBBES SEEDER which works only on place and shields the place from unwanted energies in 34 amazing ways.

    Read more about VK in this article and hyperlinks in this main article

    Read here how VK and VS is a wonder combination

    3. For one person max 3 to 4 sw to be used otherwise there could be confusion. In one way too many sw will confuse minds and in other way you use VK and Cosmic Serums. So imagine what could be the result.

    Best is to use GOLDEN SUNRISE image or EC as an all purpose EC.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE!ॐThank you so much Ma'am @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ! I want to explore VK's powers and try its different abilities. I'm planning to put EC's in each part of our house to keep the positive energies and repel/protect it from any negative energy that might get in.ॐ I also want to put EC in our store. I found it so interesting because I've read that VK can activate all my EC's at the same time even I am away from home.That would be great!By the way Ma'am...For example, I have five EC's...How long should I keep VK aside after requesting it to activate all my EC's? Is it 30 mins or 5 EC's x 30 mins = 2 hours 30 mins? Thank you!Namaskar.ॐ

  • @JadeMS3

    How do you send energies to people ? Same way just do with intention.
    VK please activate all my ECs and keep VK aside for 30 min.

    Just remember VK is an intentional tool and it listens to your simple language.

    When you want to energise a particular EC, get that in your intention and request VK to activate that.
  • Golden Sunrise Ma'am @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher ! I send energies through a diary.I write one name per page...Send energy one at time...I place VK on top of a name for 30 mins each person, after requesting VK to send 3-5 energies/serums/switchwords.So wow!That would be great!I can ask VK to activate 5 EC's and set it aside for only 30 mins...that way, I could continue to send energies/serums/switchwords through direct request faster and I could send to more people without eating too much time.Tons of Gratitude Ma'am!I'm still learning and loving it more and more!A lot of doors are being opened with VK.Namaskar.ॐ

  • @JadeMS3

    If you are energising ECs with same energy you can send them together. Also read BASICS OF VK POST 19 on forum
  • Thank you thank you Ma'am!Continue to have a Blessed day!Namaskaram.ॐ

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