Acute disturbed relation with wife

Golden Sunrise!!

I have got my divine VK around one month and regularly interacting with him.To come out from acute disturbed relation with wife , I have used direct request through VK for her -Love Serum, One Soul Serum but situation turns more negative.

Moreover to stop shouting used Calm Down Serum but did not improve , tried with Holly but no sign of recovery .

But used Study serum for my son which shows sign of improvement.

Pls guide me to come out from extreme negative situation in family and note that when I am sending energy to her she turns more violent . Due to that I could not even continue the same. Regards


  • Just send energy of Hanuman chalisa, Beauty Serum and Mood Up Serum to your relationship.
  • Sir Golden Sunrise ,

    Grateful to you for your quick guidance and will post my feedback again.


  • Sir "to your relationship" means to my wife --Am I right ? Regards

  • Sir

    Pls reply whether "to your relationship" means to my wife or the relationship itself.


  • Relationship with your wife
  • Sir , Understand it and Grateful for your kind support. Regards

  • Golden Sunrise Sir

    Around one month I have lost my job and inspite of all trying still unsuccessful. Pls note that presently passing through Shani Sade Sati and Rahu Mahadasha.

    Totally frustrated from all corner of life . Pls guide how to get a decent job quickly .


  • @Toton

    You can read this article and success stories link on manifesting job with VK at the end of the article and follow
  • Golden Sunrise

    Thanks for your valuable guidance and following the same.

    But for the last couple of days I have noticed that VK is not coopearting as before.

    For the last 6 months I am using VK , noted that whenever I charge water or send some requests , water tastes little bit bitter or different and sometimes it produces sparkling heat during request processing.

    Unfortunately for the last couple of days noticed ,neither there is any taste change or any heat .

    If I have lost connection with him pls help me to restore else rectify me ( if wrong).

  • @Toton

    If you find water bitter or unpleasant it implies negatativity.

    If there is no taste or pleasant taste its a good sign. You need to have patience in any healing. With impatience and anxiety you will need more energy. Prioritise your healings and take MOOD UP SERUM to raise your energy.
  • Thank you mam for your valuable guidance.
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