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Removal of curses from previous life

How to clear curses such as serpents , sthree,guru etc is All clear serum enough with the intention of forgiveness. Kindly guide


  • @Chandreshn


    Which sentence do you like

    A. VK please help me to clear curses, serpants stree guru and more. I am asking for forgiveness from previous life..

    B VK please bless me to receive all the love, joy and properity from the Universe NOW FOREVER . I am thankful for this life.

    Repeat both the sentence 15 times one at a time , with a gap of 15 min between the 2.

    #First say Sentence B... 15 times while holding VK between both palms.

    Then take a gap of 15 to 20 min.

    #Now Say Sentance A 15 times with VK between your palms.
  • Golden Sunrise.... I think sentence b would be better.. thank for the understanding.... namasthea
  • @Chandreshn

    GOLDEN SUNRISE . Did you do the above exercise ?
    What happened when you did sentence A and what happened when did sentence B 15 times ?
    Please share your experiences and understanding
  • Actually reading your suggestions it strikes my mind that we have to concentrate on the present by invoking the blessings of the universe which will remove all the darkness in the form of any obstacles... so I chanted the b option only in which I could feel good and heat evolving ... thank you for giving me a good prayer ...
  • And above all gratitudes creates a major shift of energy levels the words such as curses which brings negative notions should be avoided in the manifestation thought process .... it was a good shift... thank you for the eye opening
  • @Chandreshn

    GOLDEN SUNRISE . Thank you for your thanks.
    Thank you for expressing freely. GOLDEN SUNRISE to your shift.

    Sharat Sir guides us to ask forgiveness ONCE that too wholeheartedly for all or any past negative actions. Repeating forgiveness exercise reduces our vibrational frequency.

    But he says say Thank you MANY times for whatever is received. The more we are thankful, the more we will have situations to be happy and thankful again, by LOA.
    Thats why we also do THANK YOU FOR YOUR THANK YOU !!

    He also says that focus on CREATION. Because we can DO actions to CREATE a desired bright future today.
    But we CANNOT do anything about the past. So why keep crying on spilt milk.

    If anytime you get such negative thoughts or unwanted thoughts, put ALL CLEAR SERUM with VK for such thoughts. Give gratitude to what you have and seek blessings to create your new life.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for always guiding us ways of life.
  • Gratitudes
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