Asking signal/sign for a project contribution, my wonderful VK experience


Sharing my VK experience, which i feel happy and proud to share.

Its about working on a project. We had initiated a project but one stake holder discontinued to work suddenly. And major contribution was missing from that group. Though i continued my project energising with GOLDEN SUNRISE and VK. I kept praying to VK that the group rejoins this project.

Almost a year back, one day i was little depressed about this incident, so i thought to myself, is the group really interested in our project. So i asked VK for a signal.

This is the request i made to my VK.

VK if this group is really interested in working and contributing in our project, please show me a signal to see a man who is wearing a Navy blue shirt, navy blue trousers and with a thick black moustache within 24 hours from now.

I said this request to VK 3 times, noted the time of request. and kept VK aside for 30 mins. Then i forgot about it

It was around 3pm in the afternoon when i made this request. That day i didn't see any such man. In evening while passing through some Corporate house, i saw many men with black shirt and black trousers AND with and without moustache, but the signal was for navy blue clothes. The men with black were actually staff of that Corporate house and that was their uniform.

Next day i was at home, it was past 2 pm, and i remembered that i didn't see the signal from VK. Around 2.30 pm, the door bell rang and as i opened the door, i was shocked to see a man with NAVY BLUE SHIRT AND NAVY BLUE TROUSERS WITH A THICK BLACK MOUSTACHE. I had never seen him in my life. He was actually a Plumber who came through the Building Society along with some Society members. The Society had decided to do all the plumbing repairs for all member flats which affected the other flats.

So this man was a plumber and had come to inspect that day being a weekend. I was pleasantly shocked. I did get an answer from VK in the form of this signal, And it was YES.

After this signal, i didn't see any comeback of that group in our project even after weeks and months.

This group approached us after around 10 months to again work with us. The actual cooperation re-started after a year. But VK gave me the right signal much earlier. They did explain why they stopped working with us and it was fairly justified.

Even i when i still re-collect my experience of seeing that man at 2.30 pm as a signal, it gives a jerk, how VK works wonderfully.

Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK in my life, a true divine friend !!


  • Great signal
    Can we do a request for knowing something in the future
  • @faissal

    Sir guides for asking a signal for decision making today for a future activity like for a marriage, relationships, choosing or continuing a project, choosing a career, taking up a certain job, professional decisions.

    Wherever there is a decision making involved today or if there is confusion to go ahead. These decisions are the ones which are important or crucial for life.So you can seek guidance through VK. So when you ask a signal from VK be ready to accept it. Ask clearly.

    Knowing the future would be more through psychice abilities??

    Can you pl elaborate what you want to know about future.
  • Yesterday after reading your post . i request a signal to vk because i want to make decision to sel my car and bye another car that i fixed . the signal was if this decision is good for me see me a car with color purple in 24h
    Directly an hour after that i see a car purple
    Now i want to know if the signal must be complicated
  • @faissal

    The signal should be a rare one. If purple car in your area is commonly seen , then this should be asked in a different way.

    For example a VK user asked for a signal to see butterfly. He did not see butterfly but he saw a pic of a lady wearing a black shirt with butterflies printed on it in a facebook advertisement. This again was not a YES signal because his signal was to see a real butterfly.

    Please evaluate will it be a rare signal to see a purple car in your case.

    In my 1st testimonial i had asked a signal of pink car which is a very very rare color for car in mumbai.
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