VK Success Story of searching for a girl for my Brother's marriage.

Success Story of searching for a girl for my Brother's marriage.
My brother supposed to start searching for his Soul mate for his marriage. I decided to use the VK for him. I charged his bio data / Profile before sharing with girl's family or matrimony. I used to give him charged water before he goes to see the girl and her family. I started this in Jan 2019 and now in May 2019 his marriage got fixed with good family. In fact he got his soul mate in Feb 2019 only but it took some time to complete all family formalities. This is fastest success seen with VK.

I used to charge his Bio data / Profile and water with below request: (VK team can suggest if any correction required to below request for future users)

VK please activate the energy to get well deserving life partner for my brother < Brother Name >
+ Golden Sunrise + Beauty Serum + SO7R.

Thank you Sharath Sir and VK Team.


  • @chetan_shirol

    Wow. Congratulations to your family for a new member.
    This is wonderful VK experience.
    Thank you for sharing.

    The request is perfect and you already achieved it for him.
    We can also add ALPHA MALE SERUM for a man or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM for the woman in addition to above.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts. GOLDEN SUNRISE LOVE blessings to the new couple.
  • Thank you Rakhiji

  • Thanks for sharing...
  • Wonderful experience..
    I am also requesting VK for a best deserving partner for my brother..
    Could you please guide me the pattern
    (brother name) *beauty serum*3 +golden sunrise*3+SO7R*3

    I am actually requesting VK in the below way
    VK please make a way for the best deserving partner for my brother in marriage now now now but still there is no progress and we are all tensed..

    Mentors please guide
  • @anuchoco

    We all have two choices in life, work to achieve desires till we get or quit.

    Whats your choice?

    Tension and anxiety may delay results sometimes? Read on litairian website how VK can help to release tension.

    If you have questions on VK procedures, please give time to yourself and read the BASICS OF VK Post. Maybe you will explore VK with more ideas.

    Stop using VK. Start learning first with BASIC POST ZERO now


    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your learning efforts
  • I have got many results with vk and i want to achieve results with vk as any other person
    As chetan_shirol followed i would also like to follow her procedure and asked if this is the format
    (brother's name) +beauty serum*3 +golden sunrise *3 +SO7R *3

  • @anuchoco

    Waiting to read your many results with VK. Your many experiences may give hope to many here. Please share your experiences on litairian forum and inspire others

    The link posted in above comments explains the procedures of VK. The procedures remain same for all healing.

    Chetan is a male. Fyi
  • @anuchoco

    As you already have many results, the basic question on procedure still came in your mind.

    Dear i posted the link for you especially to read LEARNING POINT 7 in above link, but i feel you missed to read.

    There is also VK BASIC POST no 18 link posted which gives method of direct request with many examples.

    Please note this forum is more for asking new questions and sharing experiences.

    Dear if you wish to explore VK more, please give time to yourself to read more
  • Dear Friend . . VK listens to your intension. First you make your intension clear on what you want to achieve. You should be requesting/praying rather than ordering VK. Until today charging the water worked well for me. Before charging the water please be quite for one or two mins then request vk and charge the water. This gave me effective results. You have to do it until you achieve the goal.
    Hope this helps. .

    Chetan Shirol ( Male :-))
  • chetan_sirol oh im sorry chetan and Thanks for your inputs..will try..
  • @chetan_shirol nice experience.blessing to couple for happy married life.

  • Congrats dear
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