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Golden Sunrise
Pranams to Sharat Sir and VK Team
Another marvellous VK experience.My father in law is from India.He passed away 45 years ago without leaving any clues about his family deity.I had actually been trying to get acess to the family deity for 2 years but it was in vain.Two weeks ago I told VK I dont know who my family deity is.YOU know who it is. Please mimic energy of my family deity and bless me and my family. Daily I told this for a week.T he following week my sister in law told me she is in India and has managed to trace the roots of the family deity. Immediately I thanked my VK profusely. It was indeed a real miracle.She then posted the photos and did prayers for the family

Indeed VK is really listening .Thanks to Sharat Sir for this wonderful tool.Bless you sir.
Gratitude to my chela VK

Selvarani Malaysia


  • @February09 ji

    You are so well connected with VK too and you went to the roots of your family deity.

    Fantastic !! B)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks to Sharat Sir for amazing gift of VK to all of us.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiences

  • Golden Sunrise @February09 Ji,
    Wonderful experience for getting your Family Deity's blessing with our beloved VK.
    Thanks for encouraging us all to be in tune with VK.

  • @February09 golden sunrise.VK blessed your family with divine connection.Praise the Lord.
  • Thanks for sharing....
  • Wonderful going. Golden Sunrise to your faith.
  • Thanks for sharing wonderful experience.... Golden Sunrise to you. Gratitude to Sharat Sir & divine VK.
  • Wonderful to know the power of VK. Golden Sunrise .
  • Marvelous Experience. Generally in Telugu Families People offer First Puja / worship to KULADIVAM. Elders teaches children, whenever any problem comes, First PRAY KULADIVAM for protection.

    VK helping in finding KULADIVAM is marelous.

    Thanks to @SharatSir and DIVINE VK.

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