Money Refunded through Wealth Healing

Golden Sunrise Sharat sir and VK Team

Today Sharat sir told us to write Wealth Healing wish.I followed the instructions to get money to pay off my debts and posted yesterday.Today afternoon I got a call from my agent whom I had booked my flight ticket .My return ticket was cancelled and the airlines has stopped operations.There was no answer from them even after numerous calls.The agent said they will only refund if airlines agrees.I kept on telling my magic vk to do a miracle so that I get my refund.Suddenly today the agent said airlines is not in a position to refund the money. However the agent(Expedia) is refunding the money to me.THIS is only because of VK and Wealth healing done by Sharat SIR.
Thank You sir and bless you.


  • @February09 ji

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this
  • Wow, I also got my Consulting Fees for the Month of April on 14th May. Regularly I got with in 1st week of every month. Due to Cyclone Fani, the Digital Payment systems were not working or Limited working, the party unable to transfer money.

    Thank you Sharat Sir for the wealth healing.
    Thank You VKay.
    Thank You TEAM.

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