Perfect health serum used for multiple health issues

Golden Sunrise.... when there are multiple health issues can perfect health serum be used instead of kps,ds and ent serum.. since the combination should be kept minimal..kindly guide


  • @Chandreshn

    To have a resource of all vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates to the body, a person would eat a balanced diet. This is like Perfect Health Serum in your question.

    But when there is deficiency of Vitamin C, that person will eat Vitamin C rich diet like oranges, lemons or even take Vitamin C supplements along with balanced diet. This is like your other organ specific health serums.

    You can please read about Perfect Health Serum and other health serums to know more how each Cosmic serum helps and decide the best combinations.

    You can charge two different waters with different combinations of energies/Cosmic Serums each related to different healing requirements.

  • Thank you madam
  • Thank you madam for the link..... but today I was meditating with Vk asking for guidance and was simply rotating over the water with Golden Sunrise all of a sudden I got a combination kps,ims,balance serum and Phs in the first half and second half with GS,MMM and balance serum .... is this fine?
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