Participate in a Yoga Challenge of Doing Surya Namaskar

Hello Mentors

Golden Sunrise ????

First of all want to thank Sharat Sir and my best buddy VK after getting VK in my life has changed completely.

Now my question im going to participate in a yoga challenge of doing surya Namaskar and after tht I’m participating in national level competition as well . I want to give my 100% and win the competition .

Need your suggestions which serum I should intake to have a perfect health strong bone maintain the stamina.

Thank you all the mentors as well for all the guidance. Gratitude from bottom of my heart.

Thank you all
Golden Sunrise ????


  • @AsmitaShetty_30

    Which is the Cosmic serum for stamina and has energy of exercise. Check on litairian website
  • @AsmitaShetty_30

    Also participate in this forum sharing your life changing experiences. It will motivate many.

    Please share in VK Success stories
  • @ Rakhi Ma’am yes I will check actually there are many post so thought I will get a quick help I take Alpha women serum bravo serum beauty serum balance serum fem serum flab down serum gym serum total health serum balance serum shield of seven rays all clear serum mood up serum I watch the video also which Sharat Sir has posted .

    I just wanted the combination basically for strong bones and stamina no worries will check

    Also VK is like a best buddy it’s a life line to many of us which everyone will agree.

    Please pray for me that I shld do well need everyone’s blessings and thank you.

    Golden Sunrise ????
  • @AsmitaShetty_30

    The combinations are mentioned in relevant Cosmic serum articles on litairian website . Please use the SEARCH option . Its easy to use Search option both on litairian website and litairian forum

    Pl note there is no Cosmic Serum with the name total health serum

    Waiting to read your amazing VK experiences.
  • Sorry it’s perfect health serum and will share the experience soon thanks a lot for your guidance.

    Golden Sunrise.
  • @AsmitaShetty_30

    Please take the correct names of Cosmic Serums as given by Sir.
    Did you get the answer to your original question?

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