Addiction to PUB G game and Mobile Phone

A 20 year old boy is addicted to Pub G game and mobile phone. The addiction is so severe that he doesn't even come out of his room and plays whole night. He has totally cut out himself from the outside world. He forgets his personal hygiene too.
From past 2 months I have been sending him GS3+AAS3+ACS3 and HANUMAN CHALISA3. Though I have been charging his water with the above serums, he drinks very very less water. Hence I have written his name on paper and sending the above energies with request to VK, about almost 14-15 times, in a day. Whenever possible I have sent the energies, even more number of times. But there's absolutely no change in his condition.
His parents are desperate.
I wanted to know whether Psychic Surgery or VOB of brain can help in such severe condition?
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  • @VeennaVNegglur

    De addiction energy needs depends on how severe the addiction is. Follow BASIC POST 13 till you get results.
    De addiction may need more healing time with patience

    Sometimes addiction maybe due to surroundings also., check is there any lack of love attention and motivation from family members

    You can charge the mobile phones and game gadgets.

    Maybe you need to give him TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and STUDY SERUM to change his focus to his career.

    Read my success story on charging water with CLEAN HABITS.

    You can try PS of brain. I think he needs more GOLDEN SUNRISE to his thinking.

    Also send energies to parents that they pay attention towards discipline of the child. If the parents allow then only the child can play the whole night. Its responsibility of the parents to see to it that the child is not given access to such things to this extent at this age where he needs to focus on career.

    If they are allowing the son has the liberty to do what he wants
    Its not only addiction its something related to parents attitude towards the child or maybe other family members
  • @VeennaVNegglur

    In one case where i was using VK for addition of phone for a young boy. I put this intention to VK that VK GOLDEN SUNRISE should make way for another hobby or interesting activity for the boy.
    In next few days this boy joined sports. Here the parents were against the child for sports due to some reason. But when they saw the boy enjoying playing sports and training for few hours daily and putting away the cell phone. They were happy.

    So you can think of diverting this youth also toa fruitful activity that is good for him.

    Another way is that you mentioned the boy is drinking less water. In this summer if water intake is less dehydration can cause more unwanted effects including that on brain health and thoughts, here put an intention to VK that he drinks more VK charged water for his good health and healing.

    From the problem look for solutions. With VK your question is your answer.
  • The 20 year old boy is the only child and both his parents are working. They love him, but may not be able to give him sufficient time.
    PubG game is an online game and he plays the game on his mobile.I have been charging his mobile and PUBG game with AAS.
    I know De-addiction needs time. And i have done my best to send him back to back energies maximum number of time.
    Why i felt to put this question on Forum is that there's not even an iota of change in him,
    His mother approached me when his exams were near.
    At that time i was sending him SS and TWS too.
    He studied only at the last moment.
    After exams I totally concentrated on his de-addiction.
    I will tell his parents to be more strict towards him, and send them energies for the same. His mother had told me that they tried to make him understand a lot. But he didn't budge.
    After your suggestion I will try PS of brain for him and send energies of GS to his thinking. along with GS+ACS+AAS+CLEAN HABITS and HANUMAN CHALISA.
    Since he drinks very less water, I have been sending him energies.
    Thanks and regards

  • Yes Rakhiji, I will also follow your second suggestion.
    Thanks once again

  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Your 1st line in the comment that parents love him but dont have sufficient time . THIS IS THE ANSWER to your question THAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING CHANGE IN ADDICTION PATTERN with VK.

    Where will the child look for attention and care if parents dont have time. There is no sibling also.
    Think about the agony of single child where parents are busy.

    I think you need to send more healing to the parents !!!
  • Ok Rakhiji, I will do so.
  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Thank you for your thanks. Telling the parents to be more strict in this case may worsen the situation. They can restrict the use of phones and wifi. You can request VK to make it easy for them.

    Do counselling to parents to make them realise how important it is to give quality time to children.

    In most of the cases we see behavioural patterns of child. But we also need to see how are the parents dealing with the child in the first place.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts.
  • Ok Rakhiji, noted.
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